Blonde Tumblr girl in bra wearing glasses

Blonde Tumblr girl with glasses

The photo of this hot girl with glasses is amazing !

She took this self shot while she was wearing a white bra, we can distinctly see that she must have beautiful boobs.

This hot blonde teen from Tumblr has a delightful face, she wears some makeup but she wouldn’t have need to do it in order to seduce us. She has a strand of pink dye in her hairs but we think she would have been better without it.

Actually, what we like the most in this picture is the fact she wears hipster glasses, she looks like a sexy secretary or a college bad girl.


Do you have any idea who this cute blonde girl is ?


  • See those glasses? Waste of time!
    No-one’s looking – we’re all staring at ya tittays!
    Why try and look clever – stick to what you’re good at!

  • Gotta agree with Steevo. What’s more – huge glasses doesn’t make you look clever. In most cases they make you look plain stupid and tryhard.

  • I like her wtih glasses too, i bet you will find your cum on her skin, daaaaaaaaaaaamn

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