Marta gotera in red adidas bikini

Marta Gotera in red bikini

When they see the picture above a lot of people ask “Who is this blonde girl with the red Adidas bikini ?” well, we have the answer.

She is Marta Gotera a young native from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the photo has been taken when she was a Beach Volley cheerleader for London 2012 Olympics.

Marta is a gorgeous college girl, she has a beautiful skin tone, a nice breasts and a fit body. Furthermore she is must be intelligent because she is a student in Administration and Management.


We wonder if she has a someone in her life. She would make a perfect girlfriend, perhaps even a perfect wife.


  • “Furthermore she is must be intelligent”

    False, a big breasted blond can’t be intelligent !

    *Troll Off*

  • She is perfect

  • Want to pull those panties down with my teeth and lick her clit !!

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